So I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that I have wanted for a long time.

When I was younger I used to make a scrapbook type catalogue full of all the things I wanted. That might sound quite demanding, but put it this way I didn’t get any of the things that I put in that book. It was more of a visual place that stored all these amazing things. Even though they were only photographs, it still was nice to have them.

Well one certain item happens to be the Pupa ‘Puposka’ I’m presuming I first heard about these in the teen mags I was reading at the time. (J-17, Bliss etc) I know I never saw one in real life, though I remember when Boots used to stock Pupa, and I came face to face with the ice-cream kit.

The thing with the Puposka is primarily the aesthetics. It’s like they hit the nail on the head with this design. It’s so compact and cute at the same time. I mean forgetting that it’s actually a makeup product; I seriously am fascinated with this damn thing.

Having exhausted Google with countless searches, I found this quite interesting take on the whole situtation....

'First there was the Pupa puppet, which was admittedly super cute but still begged the question: Makeup inside a puppet, why? And, also: What drugs are the Pupa designers taking?'

One came up a while ago on ebay, and I remember the bidding going a little crazy, it was brand new in box, which probably attracted even more anxious buyers. I would be happy with new, used, broken anything!

There has to be one out there for me.


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