I think it could possibly be some sort of Lily Allen year for me. From stealing her (Nylon cover) hair, I am now in complete utter awe of her latest fashion escapade.

Everyone knows Lily adores Chanel, and look at this beauty she got her hands on. Not even released yet, this bag is going to be quite lusted after I can imagine. It reminds me a little of Timmy Woods quirky Eiffel Tower creation, worn by a certain Miss Bradshaw in a certain movie. Chanel can do no wrong in my opinon, they always get it right and this is possibly one of the cutest things I've seen by them.

The only downside is the £2500 price tag. I think I'll put it on the same list as my black quilted handbag.

It will be interesting to see if theres any highstreet alternatives kicking about, I know Accessorize have a bit of a thing for russian dolls.

Lilly looks great and this bag is 100% her. I'm really temptered to go see her on her upcoming tour, just because it's Lily and she never fails to intrigue me :)


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