When The OC took an early departure off our screens, after just four seasons, I think it left a gap for something else. When I heard about Beverly Hills 90210 returning, I was a little unsure whether I would like it, I hadn’t seen the 90s version and I didn’t really know much about the show at all. The sound of Weezer’s annoying yet relevant track ‘Beverly Hills’ on all the teaser adverts, was quite convincing, so last night I sat down with my television and watched the return of 90210.

As much as I feel silly saying this, after only forty-five minutes, I was glued to my screen. Baring in mind I was possibly on the verge of becoming an OC super fan back in the day, it wasn’t hard to see comparisons, not that this is a bad thing though. Naomi’s presence as Miss Popular echoed Marissa’s debut in Orange County, the Chanel handbags, not to mention the Chanel earrings and the supposed perfect boyfriend cheating on her, Marissa Cooper anyone?

Annie the main female character seemed and looked a lot older than her supposed 15years, but I guess that’s what happens when a show like this gets cast. Her miniature figure was a little unnatural. Interesting how by the end of the first two episodes she has two guys pining after her, one beating the other to her tongue only be seconds. And this is only the beginning.

The presence of complicated parent storylines also had a familiar feel. A secret child that was put up for adoption, we are yet to find out whom. I thought the teacher guy was interesting, his sarcasm and wit towards his pupils, and underneath it all caring nature reminded me of Ryan Goslings character in Half Nelson, a surprise find of a film.

Adrianna, the girl with the drug problems is an accident waiting to happen clearly. I noticed the decline of her appearance and red eyes throughout the episodes. Though I did think it was a very pretty actress playing her, she reminds me of a young Nelly Furtado. And who knew people used books to deliver drugs.

Expect more posts in the coming weeks.


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