Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A Few Xmas Surprises

A girl who can’t resist Barbie, and so my mum knows it.

For some unknown slightly maddening reason I have a rather strange attraction to a certain Stay Puft marshmallow man from the 1984 Ghostbusters film. I have ALWAYS had the urge to own one. (And I’m not even that keen on marshmallow itself!). I am always looking out for these at carboot sales, however the boyfriend managed to surprise me with this dinky version.

I also got a new umbrella, designed by Cath Kidston, an old favourite of mine. Seems my current Hello Kitty one was pretty much at the stage of danger. With a spindle broken and a wonky handle, it had seen better days.

And finally the much anticipated Book of Shadows Vol ll finally arrived on my dressing table…I feel an urge to re-decorate and re-organise everything in some sort of peacock/purple themed way… just to match the packaging!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Big Thrill

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of Soap & Glory…


“WOW!” screamed Alice.

This little girl lived happily ever after in a world full of luscious products.

The End.

(LONG STORY not so SHORT- I was in Boots the weekend these things were advertised on that infamous offer, a huge crate was wheeled out literally before my eyes. There was a queue specifically for these, of a good 40 people waiting patiently! Somehow I don't know quite how, I managed to get one. It was then swiftly sent to Santa, and arrived on my knee on Christmas Day. I cannot stop lining these products up and re-reading all the cute text...surely it's not just me?)


Update: As The Year Draws To An End…

I’ve been absent for a short time, regrettably. I always tend to say this but life really does work in mysterious ways. Since I last spoke to you, I have been working again, which is an unbelievable huge weight off my shoulder. I sometimes wrote about how I felt about the situation I was in, and how ultimately it was affecting me. I’d been so run down, and began to feel so useless that I felt so uninspired and quite often fed up.

It’s been a little hectic, especially working over Christmas time, but I feel everything has been worthwhile. Things are still uncertain with my long term career, but I’ve realised that’s the irony of life, nothing is ever certain. Things do change; you just have to be patient.

In the meantime I had a lovely Christmas :) Didn’t do anything too extravagant, just spent time with the family and boyfriend, which was nice. Here are a few pics, from the past month.

My advent calendar- Pucca. I picked this up for £4 from a bargain basement type shop; it turned out to be a bundle of surprises. Glitter hair gel anyone?

Our Christmas Tree :) I was banned from eating the tree decorations…damn!

An amazing night out we had just a few weeks before Christmas, was a lovely meal and stay in a hotel. I even managed to squeeze into my favourite French Connection dress♥

Stig- This mans been all over the place this Christmas, I must admit I’m growing quite fond.

Hope you all had a lovely December :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Victoria Jackson- Yes I Know Who She Is

I don’t usually rant, not in this sort of manner, but something really annoyed me today. I was in my local Whsmiths and this has happened on numerous occasions in the past 6months. Infact every time I visit this particular store.

Two Sales assistants right in the walkway selling Victoria Jackson make-up. I literally cannot walk past without being bombarded with questions. I gather they are trying to sell Victoria Jackson makeup products, but instead of letting the customer browse, they ask every young girl entering the store, if you are into makeup and have you ever heard of Victoria Jackson?

Well in fact I have and I already own a couple of her products. Seriously this is really annoying me now. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I hate being sweet talked into buying something. I went in to buy a magazine not a £30 beauty kit!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


When I was a little girl, it was all about Barbie.
When I was a teenager, it was all about Barbie.

And now it seems it’s all about Barbie once again.

Browsing on the net this afternoon, I came across some amazing images of what looked like a brand new Barbie cosmetic range. Cue Mac, cue Stila, wait no it’s New Look. Part of the Christmas gift collection and to celebrate 50 years of Barbie, it seems New Look have collaborated.

I’m literally itching to go and see this range. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been fond of Barbie. I guess for me it’s the whole ‘girly pink’ idea of it all, it’s so stereotypically girly (no boys allowed!)
It’s funny back home all my Barbie’s and occasional Sindy are still in our loft…sigh. I’ve always thought of them as something I don’t want to part with, there a huge part of my childhood after all.

Onto being Barbie mad a few years back, I don’t quite know where this stemmed from. I remember getting a lot of stick for it too, my friends would often be ‘how old are you?’
It wasn’t so much about the dolls, it was about the brand. I had bags, pencil cases, sweatbands, allsorts. I know it sounds really daft but I was simply fascinated.

I think as MAC proved Barbie is simply timeless♥

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Katy Perry- Style Evolution

I might not approve of her boyfriend, but one things for sure this girl has certainly caught my eye again.

Its funny my first proper blog post was concerning Miss Perry’s style presence at the 2008’s MTV Europe Music Awards. She’s also cropped up from time to time in other posts along the way.

The press attention may be all over her and Mr Brand, but I feel there is a need for me to compliment her budding fashion status. I have to admit she started off dressing wacky and extreme, attention seeking maybe? Well let’s face it, it worked.

Then somewhere along the lines a certain Lady, goes by the name ‘GaGa’ began to overshadow Perry. To be honest I think this has done her to world of good. Katy’s been able to grow and evolve. 2009s EMA’s saw her looking grown up and elegant. Her make-up and hair is so beautiful, I simply love it.

My favourite of the night be a bit of a contradiction but a ball gown with missing chunks. Truth be told a little bit of quirkiness doesn’t harm anyone.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jemma Kidd Bodyform Free Lip gloss

As soon as I heard about this offer a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been wandering up and down the lady aisles of Boots, Superdrug etc, waiting to see these on shelves. At first I couldn’t see anything, but then last week I spotted the lip gloss attached to a pack of liners, but it was a weird box thing, and I really didn’t see the need for it.

So today I happened to be in Boots, and I saw a sign saying ‘Bodyform £1’, to my surprise not only were the lip glosses attached but there were 2 different shades to choose from- rose and orchid.

So two packs of bodyform later (which will always come in handy lets admit it) and two lip glosses for just £2, seems a like a bargain to me :)

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Project Runway Season 6

For many years this little show has brought much happiness into my life. The glamour, the drama, the craziness, yet it all revolves around fashion…what else?

The new series (6) has just started running on Sky, much to my boyfriends horror I am hooked all over again. When I say all over again, I used to live, breathe this show when it originally started running. Were talking nearly over five years ago.

This years contestant’s, I guess it’s either love or hate with some of them, and that’s exactly why there on there in the first place.

I love the girl who looks like Penelope Cruz (Shirin) she’s already won one challenge and always seems to have a good eye for detail.

I also love Ra’mon Lawrence, well I am actually tipping him for the win, but who knows, there’s still a long way to go yet. His passion and dedication to the industry is so refreshing and his designs are always constructed amazingly. I adore everything he has made so far.

This show will always amaze me.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Boots Christmas Catalogue- Gifts Galore!

For the past however many years, as long as I can remember, around this time of year, I always get excited over Boots Christmas gifts. There’s just something about them that makes me all animated.

To my surprise, I was out shopping with a friend yesterday and what did we spy, but the Boots Christmas catalogue! It’s funny, I guess it kind of has that same feel of an Argos book; you just want to grab it as fast as you can and scan with your eyes everything in it

The thing with Boots they have such a vast amount of gifts, reality is there not going to sell everything, and it is almost guaranteed the majority of products get left over for the January sales, which is always a bonus factor.

However it is always nice to have some much sought after gifts, on Christmas day and not forgetting the whole it’s about giving not receiving thing.

So what did I spy?

An immaculate display of Urban Decay goodies

Benefit bonanza

A nice revisit to Jeffrey Fulvimari’s Bobbypin (I always try and get at least one bobbypin product each Christmas, I just love the quirky designs)

And last but certainly not least, the much loved and sought after Soap and glory, I must admit, I’m gutted I didn’t pick up on this brand last Christmas, because I remember they had some quirky sets in last years catalogue, however this years offering seems to be bursting with variety, there literally is something for everyone!

And to turn it on its head, Soap & Glory’s men gift sets also are available! Va Va Groom all the way. Swapping pink packaging for a punkish red, it all feels a little retro.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I see London...

This may be a shock to some, but up until last weekend I had never been to London. Yet it was always the place I desired to visit.

I must say it was in some ways totally what I expected and some ways totally different. I was a little (very) nervous with the transport, I’m not one for crowds and chaos, but luckily my boyfriend was a little more used to it than me. Admittingly we got on a few wrong tubes, but we just got off at the next stop.

SO what did we see?
General sightseeing, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, The London eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Harrods etc etc.

We also had a venture up to Camden, somewhere I’ve longed to go for many years.
Me and my boyfriend love eating out and we had the most amazing meals, both on Friday night and Saturday night, we ventured out for an Italian in Covent Garden and a Chinese in Chinatown :)

Now most importantly shopping… Well we didn’t do that much shopping! Infact all I did purchase was an emergency pair of primark pumps. We had an attempt at Oxford Street, but after being elbowed several times, I pretty much came to the realisation that this wasn’t the best place for me.

My boyfriend did accidentally lead me straight to Selfridges! I spied a mammoth MAC counter, and had a wander around Illamasqua. Whilst also browsing Tiffany.

The last couple of hours before we left, we decided to go to the Tate, I do enjoy visiting art gallery’s, and I was pleased to see the Pop exhibition on, there was a nice Andy Warhol collection, not just his work but interesting photographs and articles about his life.

All in all, it was just a lovely weekend; it was real nice spending time with my boyfriend, and a trip I won’t be forgetting anytime soon♥

Monday, 28 September 2009


Kind of an ins and outs, but I think my last couple of blog posts amount to enough outs!

Xfactor – Ahh I’m hopelessly addicted.
And my favourite? Lucie Jones... I love love love this girl. From the moment I saw her first audition she reminds me of Bella. I know it’s not a Twilight look-alike contest but I genuinely think she has talent and that something special about her, and her style is casual but chic :)

Urban Decay Grifter and Last Call- I’ve been wearing these shades together tons recently. I like the sparkle and according to the colour wheel, purple is the shade for me…green eyes and all that.

Car boot sale- Me and my boyfriend went again this weekend, he did somewhat better than me, he managed to pick up some vinyl’s, and I must admit the more I rummage through tatty cardboard boxes full of a whole variety of vinyl, I’m beginning to see the appeal.

I was much swayed by a Mr Frosty ice making machine, but that’s another story.
I did however pick up this beauty…Jessie from Toystory!!!

I’ve been wanting this toy forever and I’m a sucker for old school Toystory merchandise. She even has a little stand that talks, not bad for £1!


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fellow Bloggers

Sorry for a gap in posts- again not feeling too inspired lately. However as I have said many times before, when I don’t post, it doesn’t mean I don’t come back and read.
In fact I find more interesting and insightful things on here, than I seem to do in my magazines.

After having a bit of a youtube binge, (I’m sure it’s not just me) I decided it would be nice to talk about some of my favourite bloggers & youtubers. It’s not really a tag, as I know a lot of you have done this before, and I don’t have a clue how to copy and past urls! I’m rubbish. So let it just simply be a nice way to just give some compliments if nothing else :)

PandaDoesMakeup –
When I first started blogging, one of my earliest recollections was this girl,
; I’m still as enthralled as I once was.

Zoella -
The superstar. She’s so informative and passionate about her blog, a real inspiration.

Stuff: noun. Meaning “a collection of random things”.
I adore her blogposts, there always creative and detailed. She’s intriguing and genuine.

When I watch her videos I just feel so inspired, she seems so confident. She is so passionate about make-up, beauty, and life itself.

The hauls are always extravagant and exciting. I love how she loves Hello Kitty.

So bubbly and genuine. A real delight to watch.

Pinksealight- My oldest friend.


Thursday, 17 September 2009


Things don’t change overnight, and not much has happened, nor seems to be happening. When I say this I mean I haven’t found a job.
This situation seems all too familiar from last year; the lead up to Christmas, technically there should be plenty of jobs around. As people constantly tell me, there are simply no jobs at the moment, were in a recession, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.

A lot of the time I shy away from talking about personal matters, but I feel that right now this might be the best way to somewhat vent my frustration. If someone had told me that I would be in this situation by the time I’m 20, then I know for sure I would have done everything I could to have prevent this from happening.

My qualifications aren’t special but I have a decent set of GCSE’s, a couple of A levels, and a qualification in Art. But it seems little help, I know now that particularly my higher education qualifications are completely in inappropriate subjects, that I am seriously regretting choosing.

It got close to a point in July/August were I was considering going back to education, either college again or university. So much doubt in my mind and subsequently not a clearing place for me, I’m back at square one.

These past weeks I’ve been applying to so many jobs, yet I haven’t had one single response. I guess sometimes you just have to be patient in life, but I know that the longer I remain in this situation, the more unhappy and discontent I am. It’s difficult to be around people, do the normal everyday things, because the one thing I want more than anything I can’t have.

I get so angry and frustrated, I cry into my boyfriends arms, yet I just can’t seem to accept it, it’s difficult for me to talk about without getting upset, and sometimes I wonder why I let it upset me so much, but unless you have been here, you really don’t know what it’s like.

A mixed up feeling at the moment. I know there’s some creativity left in me somewhere.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Style Icon 3: Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw

Slightly predictable but o so fabulous it would be a crime not to have her in my list.

Sometimes considered a victim but always at the centre of fashion, Carrie just has the ability to wear whatever she wants and not have a single care in the world. Whether it is dungarees, Dior or even dangerously outrageous costumes. I hope there’s a Carrie Bradshaw within us all. It goes beyond the clothes, it’s the confidence, and the ability to mix and match the most unsuspecting items.

She loves her designers, but at the same time is as content sporting a vintage summer dress.

The corsage became a statement, and that shoe company, what was it again… Manolo Blahnik was given one hell of a shout out.

This girl is fearless. And has THE closet to die for...


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Straight Forward

Lately more so than ever I seem to be feeling so negative.

I did the college thing, and at present it seems I’ve ended up nowhere :(
I’ve not written for the past week, and my blog is something I enjoy and take much pleasure out of writing, creating and communicating with other people, that I felt I owed you some sort of explanation.

Sometimes I just wish it was simple, that we all knew which jobs we would end up with and which we wouldn’t. That when you go to a job interview you automatically get the job, and you don’t have to hear that you weren’t good enough.
I feel such a failure, like I’ve had my chance at making something of myself. Part of me just doesn’t have a clue anymore what to do.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Smells Like…

I have always been fond of perfume, just something about it, I’ve been there bought the celebrity scents right from the start, beginning with a certain Ms Lopez, bought into the sought after collections, the list is endless…However my favourite scent right now is

Velvet Hour – Kate Moss

They always say don’t judge a book by its cover and I must say, this is so true here. Normally I’m attracted to perfume brands rather than the ‘celebrity fragrance’ as it seems. I appreciate Kate Moss, in her career as a model, but other than that I’m not overly fussed. She’s an icon of the 21st century, but not a specific inspiration to me.

So it was complete random that I came across this perfume, the smell is so strong and draws you in. It’s very distinctive, and I sometimes feel like it is the perfect night time fragrance, sexy and seductive, but I often wear it through the day time and still feel as refreshed.

The price tag is really reasonable too; this is the only perfume I have ever purchased more than once, so that must be a good sign. I got a whopper 100ml bottle for less than £20 not so long ago


Saturday, 29 August 2009


Do you ever walk down the street and see somebody so immaculately styled your jaw can’t help but drop open? Your intrigued by the way there outfit has so effortlessly been put together.

Style has always been a difficult one for me. I don’t know, I think growing up, I was so engrossed in it all, I got a little lost. There was a part of me that wanted to scream individuality, yet the other part of me that wanted to look right on trend. I studied my Elles and Vogues like a text book, yet now I wonder if it was all just a blurry dream.

I think sometimes, not just with clothes, you can try so hard, get too caught up in the whole affair that it takes the actual goodness out of it. I think things definatly change when you get older, you realise you have a whole different set of priority’s and spending money on clothes that can only be worn on one ‘set occasion’ is slightly ridiculous even by Carrie Bradshaw standards.

People always say to appreciate something; you have to miss it first. So I guess you could say my break from fashion should ultimately make me more inclined to jump right back in. The thing is I feel more relaxed now. I’m not saying I dress in a scruffy way, I’m just saying what I do wear, isn’t styled for hours on end, and I don’t seem to worry about what people think as much anymore.

I think that was one of my biggest problems, what I often thought looked great, would result in me either feeling unconfident later on in the day or I’d simply regret putting those ‘argyle’ trousers on.

Don’t get me wrong there will always be a place in my life for fashion, I love reading fashion magazines, I love browsing the net, just so I can analyse where fashion is these days. But I just think for me personally, I just can wear what I feel like wearing and be happy.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Book Of Shadows Vol. II

Dear Father Christmas,

I am writing to you to let you know I have been such a good girl this year, and I would be eternally grateful if you got me the following.

P.S I know it is only the end of August, but I would just like to remind you of the popularity of the original Book of Shadows last Christmas. I went last minute shopping on the 22nd December in search of the said book, and I was told it had completely sold out and there was no chance of getting hold of it.

I spent many long months longing for this book and it wasn’t until May it magically appeared on my pillow.

Yours Sincerely

Alice xXxXxXxXxXxXx

Monday, 24 August 2009

10 Facts Tag

I was tagged by icecoldlily :)

1)I love Sex and the City, so much so I watched 19 episodes in one day. Carrie is my favourite, though I screamed at the TV when she dumped Aiden and subsequently married Big. I also have the nameplate necklace.

2)I have a black and white cat called Charlie.

3)I only wear black underwear and Tiffany jewellery, picky much? I just like what I like.

4)I like collecting vintage/nostalgic items that have some sort of relevance to me. Particularly perfume bottles, tins, and compact mirrors.

5)I love Gwen Stefani, and everything about this woman. She is my biggest inspiration in life. I’ve also seen her live in concert.

6)I collect Anna Sui perfumes simply because there too cute

7)I make scrapbooks; my first scrapbook consisted of an S Club 7 homemade front cover, and a very messy attempt at collage inside. Luckily I soon grew out of throwing glue just about everywhere, and invested in prick stick. My last scrapbook project I used a clear A4 display binder, so it wouldn’t get tatty and I think this is my best book to date.

8)I used to have real long hair, down to the bottom of my back, then last December I cut it all off, a lot of the time I secretly yearn for it back.

9)Toy Story is my favourite Disney Film.

10)I’ve only just invested in GHD hair straightners. I opted for the ‘rare’ edition, a girl who can’t resist leopard print.

I Tag anyone who wants to do it :) there's a lot of tags going around at the moment!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Car Boot Sale

Having spent many an afternoon charity shop browsing, or going to the local Wednesday flea market for many years, car boots are just something I’ve never really been to. Mainly due to transport and not really knowing of any local ones. Ebay for a long time has been my ‘car boot’ as I like to think, I’m forever on that site scouring for any sort of nostalgia, cute necessity or down right bargain.

Having been dragged out of bed by my boyfriend, we set off to a car boot this morning :) It was at a place called OldCotes, but don’t ask me where that is, cause I’m rubbish with directions.

Getting lost down one of the many aisles, without my mobile phone was not one of my finest moments; I’d gone back to a stall and left my boyfriend where I thought I would be able to get back to. But somehow I managed to get lost. Having to kindly ask a woman on a stall whether I could borrow her phone. For a split second I actually thought I was never going to find him, but turns out the car is the best meeting place, in future.

ANYHOW I must say a little daunting at first, but there are some real bargains to be had. I just find the quantity of stuff for sale so crazy, you really do have to have a good eye to spot things. And there’s always the slightly inappropriate things people are tying to sell, used bra’s anyone?

The boyfriend bought some vinyls, whilst the girlfriend bought a nice selection of beauty/cosmetic items!

So here’s what I picked up, all together I spent £1.80

Benefit VIP Lip Glosses £1- Anything Benefit is always a must

Soap and Glory Spray-On Body Moisturising Mist - 50p, couldn’t resist buying this; I’ve heard so many positive things about this brand

Virgin Vie Lipstick in shade Nude- 5p! I couldn’t believe it either

Burts Bees Lip Balm- 5p

And finally this, I think the best bargain of the morning :)
Betseyville handbag, brand new with original tag – 20p!

So all in all a pretty good experience (apart from getting lost!)x

Friday, 21 August 2009


I don't know why but I always get addicted to this program every single year. I don't particularly like some of the music on the show, but it's just such good viewing.

And all eyes will be on Cheryls much ever changing wardrobe. I remember the glorious Dolce and Gabanna Leopord print ensmeble last year, being just one of a few statment pieces. Aparently it could all be about the hair this year...

Let the circus begin all over again.

Jewellery Box to Make-up box?

I think I live in a world were nothing will ever be organised the way I want it. When it comes to my wardrobe I have no idea where anything is, nor do I care. I seem to forever live with clothes all over the place, I know in the long run this isn’t healthy nor practical but I guess were only young once, and every girl dreams of a Carrie closet one day.

When it comes to make-up however, I have to have it stored, not just stored but stored in a way which I can see everything, know where things are etc. Well somewhere down the line, I just never seem to have been able to be satisfied with my storage system. For a while I was using a trolley, but dust was my nemesis. I also latched onto the idea of using a large draw, dividing sections up. But it just semt strange it all being hidden away in the back of beyond.

Well I have made the decision to transfer to my jewellery box. When I say jewellery box, I mean a box designed to keep jewellery in. This is my dilemma. Should I ethically be doing this? Well fact is I don’t have half as much jewellery as I used to, and the bits I do have are either broken or cheap primark-esque findings. My most expensive jewellery I wear on a daily basis, therefore no box needed.

My brother bought me this 3 draw set a few years back, I think somewhere down the line my mum might have had something to do with it! Ha
I’ve always loved Venetian, and I love how it’s a pretty and delicate exterior but has a mammoth storage capacity.

So I’ve took the plunge and decided to go for it, I know my make-ups safe, and for once I know everything’s all together in one place. I’m hoping things don’t get too messy, the last thing I would want to do is wreck the lining. Hmmm

What do you think? x
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