Sunday, 30 November 2008


So after only just catching the Twilight drama, I can't help but think is this just something else, I have been unaware of..?

Ummm. I want.

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Ok, I have decided Diana Vickers is possibly something special.

Finally the stylist has given her something way more nicer than the Topshop rubbish week after week.
Last night on her second performance... she looked sensational. I really do like this girls look and this dress is so her. PERFECT

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£79 by Darling Clothes

I'm so happy she's finally out of Topshop! Well actually I think the necklace was Topshop but accessories don't count, I've been known to get drawn in by there jewels.
It's not all bad.

As for the voice, and the Xfactor, I'm unsure, the judges were harsh on her last night. Alexandra seems to be stealing the crown, and deservignly. Diana will have a career, just maybe not as the Xfactor winner. Who knows.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


In a world where nothing is original, Diana Vickers comes along...

She reminds me of Joss Stone, probably the feet thing and the voice thing.
I do like her VOICE and she does look STYLISH at times BUT i swear she's a walking advert for Topshop.

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O well it seems to be working.


SO i went shopping for once in a very very very long time. And I forgot how amazing it is when you spot a bargain ...

25p sunnies a la Miss Geldof

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


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The last time I read a book, I seriously doubt I got to the end. Infact I'd probably skipped to the back page as soon as i'd lost interest at page 6.

To my surprise.. I can't believe I went and read this book in 2days!!

Hmmmmm what do I have to say...

Love is obsession. Simple yet so complicated to grasp.

I feel more connected to Bella than I thought I would. She has a naive quality. Edward is a dream, I guess every girl is going to fall in love with him, if they haven't already.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hot N Cold?

Ok i admit i hated 'I kissed a girl' and all the attention that came with it. I really don't follow this girls music career BUT she has grabbed my attention with her style.

I read some people are saying she's desperatly trying to be quirky, but i am actually liking Ms Perrys crazy clothing choices.

My two (she had like 10 or something daft) fave outfits from her presenting the MTV emas....

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1) I was absolutly like OMG when i saw this! :)
half tuxedo + half dress = genius
best of both worlds !


Well i do have a <3 for merry go rounds and Manish Arora so me proably being one of the minority here, who actually really liked this outfit :)
Attention grabbing - practical to wear = genius

Manish Arora is everywhere and this reminds me how much i still need that certain MAC collection! mmmmm

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Friday, 7 November 2008


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