So I caught this film the other week on tv, Failure To Launch, and to be fair I was less than impressed. I think it’s hard watching Ms Parker not as Carrie. Cos to me personally Sarah Jessica is Carrie.

Anyhow I had heard about this girl Zooey Deschanel, but I didn’t really know much, so to my surprise she was in this film. I must admit she certainly kept me interested, I could tell from her character she was a little kooky. I’ve since had a browse online and I must admit I’m quite in awe of her vintage meets modern day look. Also it’s nice to see a brunette girl, usually I spend forever dreaming of peroxide.

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I’m thinking she could be something pretty special. She even has ‘chanel’ in her name.


  1. I've seen her in a couple of films and I really like her.
    I watched Elf the other day and I was suprised to see that she was the love interest (and blonde!)
    She is good at choosing films and characters, there is good variety in her filmography.
    My favourite film with her has to Bridge To Terebithia, which is a highly underated film.


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