Twilight Movie

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It’s official; Twilight is my favourite movie of 2008. (Sex And The City Movie a close second)

I will say one thing though; having read the book it is a little strange to see characters and settings a little different to how I personally imagined them. The bending of storylines and missing parts out could disappoint the die-hard Twilight fans, but one thing is for sure, something special was defiantly captured on film.

Whether it is the exquisite casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward, or the whole presence of the Cullen family playing a game of baseball, with Supermassive Black Hole blasting out in the background. This movie has a lasting effect; it’s a real gem and will never get old. I think the thing that touches me the most is how gentle, considerate and charming Edward is. He worships Bella, the fact that he is a vampire is almost irrelevant, the fact that he loves her unconditionally is everything.

This film makes me believe, not in vampires, but in love. And that is a very rare thing I find myself saying, and will probably not say again, unless proven otherwise ♥


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