Dame, really?

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When I first heard about this I was in shock, so when I saw the actual products face to face in my MAC store the other day, I was pretty puzzled to say the least. I’m not a MAC fanatic (yet) but I will say this, they certainly have something going on. The Fafi collection out earlier this year was possibly one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. There back catalogue is also very impressive, Playboy, Heatherette, Manish Arora and not forgetting Barbie Loves Mac ♥

And I hear a Hello Kitty one is just around the corner. So I think whoever chooses the themes and designers has pretty good taste. Well until now. Maybe I’m just anti Dame Edna. But not only is she old and wrinkly, she is infact ….A MAN.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against Barry Humphries or MAC but it all seems a little bizarre.

MAC + Dame Edna

= Disaster (On the promotional flyer it says ‘our muse’ I just find it odd to be inspired by a drag queen. Conclusion - Cheap and Nasty


= Genius (The packaging is kitsch to the most extreme level and the shades are pretty quirky) Conclusion - Bold and Beautiful

Either way I know it’s got me intrigued for sure.


  1. your 100% spot on its shite, seriouly dame edna must have paid them alot of money to do this.

    its embarrassing for mac if you ask me.

    ive seen youtube vids where people who have the glosses have lost the glasses already they just peel off....

    the colours are ok, nothing special

    the beauty powders are gross, millions of dupes on the market!

    the glitter on the top layer of the beauty powders is very thin, the product underneath is boring?

    i think the packaging for the collection should have been more like the glittery boxes that they come in. not the cheap nasty purple plastic crap ergh

    the most shocking thing about this is that people are actually going out and buying this collection, its gross


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