Hot N Cold?

Ok i admit i hated 'I kissed a girl' and all the attention that came with it. I really don't follow this girls music career BUT she has grabbed my attention with her style.

I read some people are saying she's desperatly trying to be quirky, but i am actually liking Ms Perrys crazy clothing choices.

My two (she had like 10 or something daft) fave outfits from her presenting the MTV emas....

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1) I was absolutly like OMG when i saw this! :)
half tuxedo + half dress = genius
best of both worlds !


Well i do have a <3 for merry go rounds and Manish Arora so me proably being one of the minority here, who actually really liked this outfit :)
Attention grabbing - practical to wear = genius

Manish Arora is everywhere and this reminds me how much i still need that certain MAC collection! mmmmm

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