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A year of LOVE.

And then came November. I’m going to admit that as much as my floating interest was to break all my previous goals and write and self-publish a fantastic engaging blog, consume and partake in an amazing social media profile and maybe run another marathon and establish a freelance career in the [ten] months after having a baby, it didn’t quite pan out like that. I should have learned by now that the greatest achievements in life are not those anticipated or planned, but those filled with great surprise, laughter, enjoyment, and above all unimaginable love . I returned to work in September, taking on a working from home role, which slotted into our routine one hundred times easier than I imagined. I guilt-tripped over being a stay-at-home Mum, and guilt-tripped over being a working Mum, so this meets us right down the middle. We had a baptism over the summer that made me feel so gracious, and a reminder of how precious life is. We reconnected with the Vicar who marrie

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