Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Bikini Body

I initially wanted to write this post a while ago, a bikini body is something we as women countlessly stress about, and up until I reached 24 years old I had never owned a two piece bikini before – purely because I was so ashamed of my body. 
I lost a lot of weight in the lead up to my wedding and when I look at photos of myself on Honeymoon I see a very slim figure - with little way of curves or a bust. The smile on my face is real, but the body confidence is gone. I see the slimmest version of me, and a much younger looking body - of almost a teenager.


In Dubai, I finally found that confidence I had been looking for again - I walked out in my bikini and felt both happy and healthy. I wasn't the slimmest person on the beach, but for once it didn't matter. Since getting married, I have allowed myself to enjoy food again - and not live with such tight rules. I've realised that my body isn’t naturally ‘slim or slender’ but real. I run, I work out, and I think my body reflects that - I would find it incredibly hard not to keep fit.  
I still have a small bust, and skinny arms, but my legs, my stomach and my general physique is much more well-balanced now. I don’t look at the photos anymore and see a little girl, I see a woman and that is what I am and want to be.
Exercise, diet and running will always remain a part of my life – but I want to live a long term healthy lifestyle. Having experienced being both overweight and almost 'underweight' I've learnt that the only person that you need to please is yourself. You have to find the balance in life.
Being a woman is hard, but learning to love yourself is far more harder than I ever imagined.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Dreams & Dubai

This year has undoubtedly been the greatest year of my life – our dream wedding, Honeymoon, my 25th birthday and this October my husband’s 30th birthday… which led to a very big surprise.
I have never been one for organising or planning ‘trips’ – to be honest I never thought I was capable of planning a holiday, but somehow, and with a very lot of thought and research I planned a secret escape for Simon’s 30th Birthday.

Destination: Dubai.
Surprising him at work, and leaving straight for the airport (bags packed) was all part of the fun and mischief.
We had the most (inexpensive) window shop at Duty Free, and boarded our flight with our hearts firmly intertwined.

I can only describe Dubai as truly luxurious - it’s clear to see that wealth is a common theme in Dubai. With its amazing sky scrapers, landmarks and golden beaches - it’s truly beautiful. I am so glad I chose Dubai as the chosen destination, because it was a complete surprise in every sense and will remain a birthday to remember.  
I am so proud of Simon – he’s achieved so much, and has worked so hard to establish a career, not to mention the time, effort, love and devotion he has put into our relationship and marriage.

I wanted Dubai to be special for us both – and it was by far spectacular in every sense. I never dreamed that I would be celebrating in the middle of the desert and watching the sunset, but that’s the beauty of life… there is always room for surprise. When we arrived home from Honeymoon in late June – I felt a deep pain and longing for Fiji. I was scared I would never feel the same way I did whilst there – but Dubai you confirmed that those feelings - as rare, beautiful and sparkling they are, are always there deep down and can return in an instance.   
Four days away in paradise, in such a diverse and modern city has taught me that dreams are most certainly for living.

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