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10 Countries that changed me.

If there is one great love story I would tell my son, it is that of travel. My whole life is built upon the adventures I have had and the miles I have travelled. I cannot wait to share with Joshua the world I have fallen in love with…

1. Fiji  Fiji was the truest version of paradise I know. I felt an outpouring of everlasting love whilst on the island of Denarau. Bias I maybe, as it was my honeymoon, but I lived the island life.
2.Dubai Dubai was magical, and awe-inspiring. I fell in love with the skyline, the Palm, and the endless miles of beautiful dessert.
3.Thailand  My love for Thailand is unbreakable. I could proclaim my love for a lifetime, because Thailand was the ‘one’.  It changed my whole perspective on life, I started believing in my dreams, and came back with a new-found confidence and aching ambition.
4.Vietnam  My memories of Vietnam are filled with colour and warmth. I remember so fondly arriving in Hanoi and feeling like I’d been transported to another world. It was th…

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