Sunday, 23 August 2015

On Being Fierce

 I have been feeling all kinds of emotions about fulfilling my passions and fuelling my ambitions lately. I feel a sense of wellbeing and clarity has come into my life at a point which is so defining...

On my run this morning I felt a lot of compassion, especially when I passed a lady, who I warmly greeted with a confident 'good morning' - two simple words, which can simply uplift somebody.
 Up until only recently I never put myself first. There was always something or someone to answer to. I was a bit of a goody two shoes in all respect – I was scared to stand up for myself.
I think I have realised that, sometimes standing up for what is right (even though as complicated, scary or horrible as it can be) is crucial to self-improvement and development. Through my shyness I often dismissed disagreements or problems as my own fault. I never fought for a resolution. 

When a friend told me I had a fierce streak in me a little while ago – I looked in the mirror that evening and looked carefully and paused, because she was right - I saw the raw fierceness staring back at me. Fierce wouldn’t be a word I would have ever associated with myself and I do worry that the definition of the word could suggest anger or aggression – I am definitely not in any way those. 

I am a hugely heart-warming person, and I do get along with people well – the key point, as difficult as it might be to admit is that I don’t always get along with everybody.
I often find myself in situations where I relentlessly have some kind of conflict. Life shouldn’t be a battle or a fight – I know as much this and I do remind myself often - I am not ignorant in that sense.  I think as a woman we all have temperamental personalities - it’s what makes us human after all, but maybe I'm just more temperamental than most. 

I don’t know if I will always feel like this, I know my husband relentlessly wishes I would often be a little kinder and soften my personality. I think one day, my emotions and feelings will definitely change – instead of always immediately putting up barriers.

I really do believe in the saying that ‘what doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger’. In so many ways, I can feel this has been strongly tied into my life, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I downright refuse to let any negativity of the past creep into my present, and I guess in a way, this is where my fierceness stems from. 

I’m both strong and fierce – they are my deepest personality traits by far. Using them in a positive way is my number one priority right now, and I know one day I will see things differently, but reflection and awareness are definitely a blessing. 

 I'm learning.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dear Rose, Lilium & Germini

When I got married I set out in my mind a little list of permanent to do’s – which would signify a change in my life and the beginning of a new chapter, if you will. One of them was to always have fresh flowers in the house. Flowers to me – are a sign of being a grown up. Because, I never imagined one day I would live in a beautiful house, with a spouse!  My younger self would have spent her spare change on the latest OC boxset, not flowers. It’s nice to be able to appreciate the change in expenditure.

Our house is a working progress - we are currently redecorating the kitchen which has left me a little bit lost in the midst of it all. Flowers in our house have been abandoned – I’ve stopped myself buying any, or even picking any (wild). When this stunning bouquet arrived last weekend – I was perplexed and so excitable, because flowers by post are always intriguing for one. When unpacking the carefully assembled bouquet and detaching the flower food sachet was such a delicate task (not to mention the free chocolate...). I was so inspired by the namesake ‘Summer Garden’ bouquet, I decided to do just that – take them into the garden!

Summer Garden Bouquet *
The bouquet consists of miss piggy roses, scented salmon classic la lilies and dalida germini with a lovely array of foliage, and is bursting to the brim! This is such a generous bunch and wholesome selection of beautiful flowers. I must admit, I always look for the weak, or slightly unloved leaf, or petal and pick them out, but there was not one, the quality was exceptional and everything I would expect from a flower delivery.
Blossoming Gifts create the most beautiful bouquets – and offer such a diverse selection of flowers - from Sunflowers, to Roses – they cater for every need. Bouquets range from under £20 at £16.99 to £44.99.

Every time I’ve caught a glance of the flowers (now they are sat in our clear cut vase - a treasured wedding gift) I have smiled. Flowers really do seem to uplift me, and bring around a welcome sense of clarity. I think it’s about time I significantly changed this for good.

Thank you Blossoming Gifts for a delightful bouquet and as a gesture they have given all Fig Love readers 33% off a bouquet of their own (Excluding the 'flowers by post' range) using the code BGIFTS33

Do flowers make you happy?

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