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An open letter about friendship.

Lately more than even, since becoming a Mum, I’ve felt a longing for you. 

A reassurance at the end of the phone, a friend who is there at each milestone of my life, the first person to tell I’ve had a healthy baby boy, a friend who won’t judge how messy my kitchen worktop is.
Lately I’ve grown into the habit of curling up on the settee with a hot chai latte, snuggled up in a cardigan, something which you taught me to do to unwind. I was so different back then. So busy and determined, my own life priorities got in the way of a friendship that was built upon trust and respect. I got a little bit lost.
When I ditched all my pre-pregnancy clothes and grew not only a human but a new wardrobe post-pregnancy, I reached for knits, and denim shorts with tights. A uniform which made me smile with comfort and closeness. I pictured you again. The way my baby boy smiles at me makes me feel completely and utterly gracious and in awe of life. I wish I could share that joy with you. I wish you knew I w…

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